Chatham Sunrise Rotary held it's Annual General Meeting this past Tuesday, December 7th.
Club President Ken Bechard presented the financial results of the past year and current position of the club. The club met the inherent challenges of the year and has been able to meet financial goals, maintain membership, and run several successful projects. 
Some of the club achievements highlighted by President Bechard include:
    - We donated $1,000 to support Veterans Tribute Garden.
    - We donated $1,000 to support the Saturday Breakfast program sponsored by First Presbyterian Church.
    - We supported the Thames River cleanup project Paddle and Clean and helped collect and sort over half a tonne of garbage removed from the river and McGregor Creek. 
    - We planted 3,000 daffodils in Howell Park.
    - We purchased and drank (a lot) of Beer for Polio (co-sponsored by local Sons of Kent brewery).  
Club Director Roger McCrae presented the board composition and put the nominees up to a vote. With unanimous consent, the 2022/2023 Sunrise Rotary Board of Directors are:
President - Leigh-Anne Perrin
Past President - Ken Bechard
President-Elect - Leigh-Anne Perrin
Club Secretary – Margaret Campbell
Club Treasurer – Margaret Campbell
Sergeant at Arms – Glenn Smith
Director - Roger McCrae
Director - Linda Goldsmith
Director - John Schinkel
Roger presented the 2022/2023 Executive Chairs, also approved with unanimous consent:
Website Admin - Glenn Smith
Club Communications – Glenn Smith
Membership Chair – Linda Goldsmith
Program Chair – Sheila Bateman
Bingo Chair – Doug Goldsmith
Foundation Chair – Audrey Chevalier
Polio Chair – Audrey Chevalier
Exchange Student Chair – Mary-Frances Kluka
Interact Chair – Ken Bechard
Roses for Rotary Co-Chair - John Schinkel, Margaret Campbell,
Ken Bechard
Executive Secretary - Beth Walters