Volume 21, Issue #13, April 7th, 2019 
Kristy Jacobs - Chatham-Kent Workforce Planning Board
This week I'm proud to introduce Kristy Jacobs, Project Manager of the Chatham-Kent Workforce Planning Board. As many of you know, employment is something I'm passionate about as I continue to search for that elusive full time job. I know our mayor, Darrin Canniff has made it his priority to create new jobs in C-K. Just looking at the Downtown Chatham Centre, we are in the midst of losing Things Engraved, Bentley's, Bluenotes as well as Payless Shoe Source. The Food 4 Less is also on it's way out. On the positive side, we are welcoming new businesses in the Cannabis industry, such as Curative Cannabis, and MediSun. We're all also watching the rapid construction of our new Gateway Casino on the former Wheels Inn land. 
I look forward to hearing what Kristy has to say about our local workforce!
How often is the workforce survey conducted? What is the history behind the Workforce Planning Board? 

The EmployerOne Survey is conducted annually from January 1-31.  It is a Provincially mandated project under the Local Board Program and is conducted in 8/9 Western Region Boards.  This survey allows us to hear directly from employers about their experiences with the workforce in the previous calendar year.

The CKWPB is a provincial board under the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. CKWPB has been a recognized board under the program since 2013.  The board is tasked with gathering, analyzing, and disseminating local labour market information that will help organizations with planning to meet the needs of our local workforce.

 Is the lack of available rental housing in Chatham having an effect on either attracting workers or employers to the area?

Many CK Employers are currently struggling with filling their workforce needs.  It is the down side of having low unemployment!  It means that those who can and want to be working are pretty much out there working.  The needs of our employers exceed the availability of our talent pools right now.  We need to bring more workers to ck, which means that, if they are coming from any distance, accommodations will be required. 

     Is there any prevalent employment trends in C-K right now? 

Many sectors are struggling right now to fill vacant positions.  Pain points have been hit in the senior health care sector (including all roles in long term care facilitites); Early Child hood education sector; Manufacturing; and our Agricultural sector (including green houses, cannabis operations).  Age trends show that we will most likely continue to have high demands for support in the Senior Health Care, and ECE areas.  Manufacturing has changed significantly over the last 15-20 years, and there is a new skills base needed.  The cannabis sector is so new, that we can’t even begin to fully understand how deeply it will impact our workforce in the coming years!

    What advice would you give to job seekers in C-K?

There are lots of great jobs here in CK!  Many of the employers who responded to the EmployerOne Survey state that they are planning to hire in 2019 – in most cases they are hoping to hire to fill their existing vacancies with the potential to grow their operations –

Be diligent in your job search – career exploration is the key to finding your career – spend time networking, talk to people, learn about what is out there….

      What efforts are being made to get young people to return to C-K after graduation from post-secondary education? 

Many organizations and community groups are doing great work to encourage CK’s youth to return home after graduating from post-secondary school.  One of the best things we can do as a community, is to educate our students and young people about the great opportunities that exist here in CK!  If they don’t know what awesome careers and opportunities exist here, then they’ll never know they want them!

Just like in the final scene of Legally Blonde, as the graduation caps fly up in the air, (see image here) Elle Woods can be heard saying "We did it!", I can echo the same sentiment for Roses for Rotary. Thank you to Margaret Campbell & her partner Doug along with Brandon Stuart for almost too many things to count including mapping out 20+ areas of Chatham-Kent, countless order inputting, and dealing with the returned deliveries. To Linda Goldsmith & John Schinkel, our fearless leaders, it's not easy to take on leadership for an established fundraiser. 
I can honestly say I was never so happy to see Margaret's e-mail to say we were sold out. In these days of pending healthcare cuts, it's nice to know that we're giving back to help in a tough time during people's lives. When I knocked on someone's door to deliver a dozen surprise sunrise roses, and tears came to the woman's eyes, it's moments like that, that I'm glad to be a Rotarian. 
2019 Roses for Rotary From left to right, Rotarians Jennifer Jacobson, Margaret Schleier Stahl & John Schinkel, Roses for Rotary co-chair, April 2nd, at the Portuguese Club. 
Kristy Jacobs
Project Manager
Chatham-Kent Workforce Planning Board
As Doug's last e-mail update (Sunday, March 31st), the following dates were available: 
  • Saturday, April 20th 1:45-3:45pm (1 person needed)
  • Sunday, May 26th 11:45am-1:45pm
  •    Monday, June 3rd        4-6pm
  •      Friday, June 28th          10pm-Midnight 
Name Sparky's New Ride!
As Sparky drives around our district "driving" polio out of this world, he will be styling in his new FordLike any trusty sidekick, his new ride needs a name. All names submitted will be voted on during the District Assembly at Walsh College on April 13th. E-mail your creative name to sparky6380@gmail.com before April 10th. 
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