Volume 21, Issue #26, July 7th, 2019 
2019-2020 Sunrise Rotary President Kate Do Forno
After a few weeks off of Rotary, I gotta say I'm a little hungry for breakfast, and the fellowship of all of you! 
This week, I'm proud to present the start of our new Rotary year, and our new president Kate! 
As a refresher, Kate has been a Rotarian since 2011, with her start in the Rotary Club of Chatham, before moving onto our Sunrise Club. 
Kate is a Chatham girl, have attended both St. Joseph's and The Pines (Ursuline College) growing up. 
"I loved that this community was home. coming from a large family I had loads of cousins, every knew my family somehow, church and the people there who watched me grow up felt like extended family. Chatham, has always felt like a hug. Surrounded by all the people who are supporting you, cheering you on, wanting nothing but the best for you." - Kate on growing up in Chatham 
Kate attended Queen's University where she studied Political Studies and was heavily involved in her school communities, including Debate at both The Pines and Queen's as well as Model United Nations and Model Parliament. 
Kate's Hidden Gems of Chatham: 
"Not exactly hidden but my family has liked vacationing out in Erie Beach. It's a great cottage getaway without having to travel super far. Our normal week is taken this year, so we're off to the Bruce instead and that makes me a little sad to be honest, because friends and family can't just stop by. I love to catch dinner at the James St Eatery in Wallaceburg, such fresh, honest cooking with no pomp and circumstance. They focus on fresh, local food and do a superb job! Growing up my parents had a rule when we travelled. We had to eat at places we couldn't get in Chatham. So that really expanded my palette and helped me learn to appreciate culture through food. So my family was excited when both Rice and Noodle and Spice and Curry opened up. We go to both so often that we've become friends with the owners". 
Kate's Career Path 
My career path has been relatively standard of the gen Y/millenial generation. Out of University I picked up a contract non-profit job - and spent the next many years flipping from contract to contract in the non profit world, doing both fundraising and community relations. I eventually landed at TekSavvy doing public and government relations for them. TekSavvy went through a few particular rough years and after a big expansion had to lay off half the workforce. I unfortunately, was one of the people who got hit in that lay off. From there I went to the Prosperity Roundtable, continuing on the non profit tradition. I left that to try my hand in the Union world, but have over the last two years learned that while I love many aspects of the work, that it wasn't the best fit for me and my family
Kate Was A Gymnast! 
I was a regionally competitive gymnast as a child. I competed until I was 13. I was okay. Just okay. I really found my passion for gymnastic as an adult. In my 20's working non-profit contract jobs, I was struggling to make enough money and went back to my old gym and offered to coach. My old head coach was happy to welcome me home and for the next several years coached part time. I worked with the competitive teams - with a particular focus on working with exceptionally talented 4 - 7 year olds that had the skills and drive to be nationally competitive. One of my old gymnasts is currently training to join the Canadian 2020 Olympic Team.
Her Goals for the 2019-2020 Rotary Year
My most important goal for this year is to build more carmaderie among club members. I think the piece about Rotary that truly binds us, is feeling like we've found family, a community that we can rely on. I LOVE our club and want to build on the exceptional foundation already built, but priority number one is helping all of us find our home, whatever it is, in this Rotary world.
In Kate's Spare Time
Im my spare time, I read (a lot), I do CrossFit, play board games with friends and Rich, explore with my kiddo and husband, and then generally travel. If I am not planning a next vacation, I'm just not happy
President Kate Do Forno, her husband Richard Drouillard, and their daughter, Olive, who is 5. 
Please mark July 20th in your calendars (and in the dust!). We will be selling 50/50 tickets from 5-9pm, and require 6 volunteers. Please contact Rotarian John Schinkel if interested. 
Help Wanted! 
Peter Tanner of the Chatham club is looking for committee members to assist with the upcoming water conference coming to Ridgetown College next year (April 23-26, 2020). A meeting will be held at the Chatham Rotary Office at 35 Thames Street on Tuesday, July 18th, at 7:30pm. If you have any questions, please contact Peter at petert@rondeautechnology.com 
Rotarian Roger McRae, his wife Gloria, Rotarian John Lawrence, Bob & Moira Kerr and German tv producer, Daniel Muenter. 
Daniel Muenter, a science journalist and filmmaker from Hamburg Germany, paid our “CleanWater for Living” program the ultimate compliment by contacting us and making a follow up visit to Chatham to learn more about our program. Daniel is scouting sites and programs around Lake Erie in preparation for making a one hour documentary about ecological conservation and restoration in the Great Lakes Region for the German-French channel Arte:
https://www.arte.tv/sites/en/corporate/what-we-do/. Daniel made stops in Toledo, Buffalo,
Hamilton and Chatham. John Lawrence met Daniel and shared an overview of the Clean Water for Living program Tuesday over lunch July 2nd. During that conversation Daniel indicated he appreciated the very high quality, professional videos which tackled the water issues from the view point that everyone has a role in respecting and protecting our water. On Tuesday afternoon, John and Daniel met with Jim Campbell and Randall VanWagner. Jim, General Manager, AGRIS, chaired the development of the Ontario 4R program and facilitated the development of our 4R video. Randall, the star of the Green Urban Infrastructure video shared information about LTVCA wetlands projects etc. Tuesday evening Daniel had dinner at the Lawrences' with Roger & Gloria McRae and Moira & Bob Kerr. On Wednesday July 3rd Daniel had a power breakfast with Rotarians John Lawrence, Don Shropshire Chatham CAO, Mark Peacock LTVCA GM, and Blake Vince farmer extraordinaire & cover crops specialist during
which time he further explored a wide range of Rotary and community activities including the
Sunrise Greening Your Grounds program. Blake then took Daniel on an agronomic tour in the Merlin region. Before leaving for Detroit airport Daniel indicated he would be back with in September with his film crew.
To see Daniel’s film about water management and the preparations against climate change in
the Netherlands visit: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AirqLGMQYprJpGvhkOMjB-9buf5W
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