Volume 21, Issue #27, July 15th, 2019 
Ken Corlett & Dave French, Assistant Governors of District 6380
This week I am proud to present Assistant Governors, Ken Corlett & Dave French. Ken covers Blenheim, Chatham Sunrise & Ridgetown, while Dave covers Chatham, Dresden, Tilbury, and Wallaceburg. Dave is a member of the Blenheim Rotary Club.
Unfortunately due to technical difficulties, only Ken could be reached for an interview.
What year did you join Rotary? Who asked you to join and why did it interest you?
I joined in the fall of 1990. My Rotarian neighbour invited us to his place one afternoon for a bbq and beverages. During the visit the neighbours introduced us to a young lady from France.  We were then asked to consider hosting her for three months as she was an exchange student. It took us about 30 seconds to agree. Then my neighbour said to me, “Oh and by the way, you need to join Rotary if you wish to be a host parent.” Beginning on the next Monday I started the orientation process and ultimately became a member.
What have some of your favourite memories of Rotary been over the years?
We hosted three exchange students:  French, Swedish and German. They all came back one or two years after their experience to visit. The German boy became engaged to a girl from Quebec. It was thrilling to go to Montreal for their wedding. Since then I was the club counsellor for several students. Obviously, the Exchange program has given me many great memories.  Your club’s experience with Rib-Fest was one of my favourite projects. I did “something” every day your club held the event. Being a judge one year was a great experience although risky to my cholesterol level. The Thamesville club which I first joined ran a joint Blueberry Festival with the Sertoma Club for two years. Rotary did the manpower part and we were able to get participation from every CK club. I think about that often as I would like to see more interclub activities.  I also enjoy seeing people in some other environment, knowing they are Rotarians and therefore comfortable saying, “Hello” to them.
What do you hope to see over the next year in the collective of Chatham-Kent Rotary Clubs?
Of course, I would like to see increases in membership. Each club is different and has different goals and procedures to achieve that goal. For several years the CK clubs have joined forces for certain projects. As you walk into the main entrance to the CK Health Alliance look to your left. Each club is recognized for contributions to the CKHA. A project that people constantly remind me of is our involvement with the CK Hospice. And now we are looking at the Childrens’ Treatment Centre project. These are great community betterment projects, along with others. But one thing is missing. We don’t socialize enough together. I am excited about Sunrise’s effort to have a time set aside at Frendz for wine and socializing. Jennifer and Barry White (Tilbury) are hoping we will visit them in September for a CK bbq. This is the beginning of something we need. We can do great things together, but we can do even more if we know each other and are friends.
What are your professions?
I failed at retirement. I started teaching in 1973 in Dresden. The last 20 years were spent in Chatham and Wallaceburg at St. Clair College. At the same time, I was farming north of Thamesville. When the teaching and farming ended, I went to Badder Bus Service. I love that job. They have sent me to New Orleans, Chicago and NYC many times. I love Quebec City and Ottawa and I don’t mind Montreal. A trip to Memphis two years ago was one of my two favourites. I can’t say too much about that trip, however, as there are pictures. Another great trip involved taking members of Moraviantown to Bowling, Wisconsin. We took the SS Baxter, a steam powered ferry, from Luddington, MI to Manitouwoc, WI and then attended a Gathering of the Delaware nation. That was a privilege for me as a Gathering is not open to the public.  
What is unique about your home club?
My home club is the Dresden Rotary. I don’t know how unique we are. Like so many clubs we give money to LKCS and the feeder elementary schools at graduation time. We support local youth sport teams like so many other clubs. We have built a children’s park and our most recent large project is a ball field behind LKCS as part of the school’s sports field complex. We have supplied Lego Minestorm kits to LKCS feeder schools. Our goal is to eventually have the schools compete and then introduce the program to the secondary school. That might be the most unique project. We are also involved in CK with various projects that the Sectors have agreed to work on as a group. Many organizations, Rotary included, work together in Dresden. That is one of the strong benefits in the Dresden community.
What are you involved in outside of Rotary?
This is tough. “Are” means today. Between Badders and Rotary, I am busy but I am also chairman of the Bothwell/Zone Oil Museum. I’m proud of some other things, though. I am a Past President and Senator of the now defunct Chatham Jaycees. I was elected to Zone Township Council for eight years. I served as vice Chairman of the CK Drainage Board for 16 years. I was also Chairman of Fairfield Museum and I held many positions in my Church.
President Kate has three main areas of focus for her year: family friendliness, camaraderie, and public relations.
Kate feels like she doesn't know everyone as much as she should. She is aiming to generate more opportunities for fellowship and a social night one Thursday a month. There is also a movement towards more socials between all the Chatham-Kent clubs. Please stay tuned for a rescheduled social hosted by Tilbury's Jennifer & Barry White (who are President and President-Elect) in September.
If you haven't met her yet, she will melt your heart! I am of course, referring to President Kate's daughter Olive (who is
five) will be joining us for breakfast each morning until September.
As you've already saw (or perhaps not, look to the right), we will be starting a Keep In Touch section. We will be sending out cards to those who are ill, cards of condolences for those who have lost family (Susan Bechard's mother, Margaret Campbell's brother-in-law) and celebrating engagements.
It is also Kate's hope that continue to celebrate Rotary in public ways, such as using the radio with our connection to Blackburn Radio's Walter Ploegman and other avenues such as Why I'm A Rotarian? profiles. Chris, a volunteer with YourTV Chatham has also offered to film our guest speakers if we feed him breakfast!
Ken Corlett
Assistant Governor,
District 6380
Past President,
Dresden Rotary Club
Well, I'm getting a bit tardy with my Sunrisers, I'm sorry to say. Please accept my sincere apologies! Dragonboating and the District facebook page are keeping me busy.
We will have a few changes in the Sunriser as per feedback from last week's meeting.
We received a thank you letter from PAWR for our $200 donation in Past President Kelley's name which will be used in the development of raised gardens at the new Animal Shelter.
Members such as Mark Peacock and his wife have purchased a home in Chatham on Balmoral Drive, just by Prestancia. Jacob Rowe is engaged to be married. Margaret Schleier-Stahl continues to heal her torn Achilles tendon.
Happy Dollars
Assistant Governor Ken Corlett thanked Past President Kelley Robertson for a great year, and told President Kate DoForno that he looks forward to this year.
Roger McRae thanked John Lawrence for dinner at his house the other week with Daniel Muenter, the German tv producer. Roger also acknowledged his 43rd wedding anniversary.
Linda Goldsmith won $10 in the 50/50 draw.
John Schinkel is still looking for 3-4 people to volunteer at Southern Ontario Motor Speedway (Buxton), this coming Saturday. You will be needed from 5-8pm for the 50/50 draw.
Dresden Rotary President, Stuart Kiar is looking for volunteers to help run a Rotary booth at the Dresden Night Market on August 17th, 2019. There is already 80 vendors confirmed for this event! Please connect with Assistant Governor, Ken Corlett if you're interested. He'll also be driving the Badder bus to the Comerica Park event this weekend.
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July 12, 2016
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