Volume 21, Issue #32, August 26th, 2019 


Jennifer Rankin & Kirsten Ramsay - Lambton-Kent District School Board International Education

What is your official role at the LKDSB? 

International Education Academic Coordinator. Essentially a Guidance Counsellour for International Students. 

What subjects did you teach at CKSS? Spanish, History, Native Studies, Resource, Student Success and Guidance. 

What made you decide to be a teacher growing up?

I did a Rotary Exchange in Mexico when I was 15. Then eventually decided to get a Spanish degree and teach Spanish. I was also always drawn to the role of a Guidance Counselor.  

What inspired you to become the Interact Club liaison 10 years ago?
I had been on a Rotary Exchange, I volunteered with the District 6380 Exchange Program for over 10 years. I volunteered and planed events for  both inbound and outbound students. At the time I started the club, I was a Rotarian with the Blenheim Rotary Club.   I had taught in Brantford at school that had an Interact Club, which gave me the experience to introduce one at CKSS. 
Linda Goldsmith mentioned you were also a GSE participant. 
I was a GSE participant in 2006. Max Howell was our lead. 3 Canadians, 2 Americans on the team. We visited 19 communities in Peru over a 6 week period. Two of us spoke Spanish, we took turns speaking at the Rotary Clubs.  As an educator I tour public and private schools and met with Second Language Teachers. What I found most interesting was how much some of the Peruvian teachers were able to do with so few resources. 
What has been your favourite memory with the Interact Club over the years? 
Wow, there have been a lot of great memories.  My goal with the group was to always teach the students the process of getting involved to educating  others,  and actually  creating  change. Learning about networking, marketing, researching a cause etc.  Showing them that with a good plan and passion they could accomplish a lot. We Day in Toronto was also always an exciting event. Students were able to meet other like minded students interested in helping out their schools, communities and internationally. 
 What is the purpose of the Interact Club being under the purview of the school board? 
The club does not have to run through a school, it can be community based such as Junior Optimist Club or Junior Achievement. It is much easier to do with in a school if you have a dedicated Rotarian working with the students and club right in the schools. 
So when you say you work with international students, do you mostly work with inbound students, or developing opportunities for current LKDSB students to travel internationally? 
Both. I work with short term, long term, inbound, fee paying and reciprocal students. I also support and organize outbound opportunities with students as well. This year we did short term programs with partners in Taiwan, Sweden and France. 
Which countries have international students been traveling to come study in Canada from? 
For the 2019-2020 school year,  we have students from 23 different countries placed in 13 different LKDSB schools. 
It is with much sadness that we announce that Jacob Rowe is resigning from our club. Jacob is hopeful to continue his Rotary journey with the Blenheim club. 
Grow Rotary 2020 
Current Membership Chair Linda Goldsmith presented on membership strategies. She is looking for volunteers to sit on the membership committee with her and Kate do Forno. 
In the past few years, Rotary International has introduced many flexible formats for clubs. 
Happy Dollars & Club News
The One Rotary Summit is coming up on the morning of September 20th in Ann Arbor, Michigan. PDG Michael Angelo Caruso will be speaking on the "Amazing Power of Story". You can register by clicking here. The cost is $20 USD and includes breakfast beverages and a BBQ in the early afternoon! President Kate do Forno, Audrey Chevalier, and Kelley Robertson will be attending. 
Paul Roy wanted us to know that Jihadi Jack (who is making national news) is originally from Pain Court. His name is John Letts. You can learn more about John here
John Schinkel wanted to know why President Kate do Forno was so happy. Kate was happy because her mother was released to Kate's care a few days ago. Kate's mother had broke her hip and pelvis, and spent the last month in the hospital. 
Linda Goldsmith is happy because it was Ruth Howell's birthday! Linda hopes she will have as much energy as Ruth does when she gets to Ruth's age. Whether it be Riverview Gaming Bingo, or Buxton 50/50 draws, Ruth is ready to roll up her sleeves. 
Doug Goldsmith announced that as expected since the opening of the Cascades Casino in Chatham, our bingo revenues are down. We went from approximately $500 per bingo to $350. A new bingo schedule for the fall will be released soon. 
Sue Bechard is happy because our new exchange student Allison is arriving on Sunday from Ecuador! Interestingly enough, Allison was actually born in Kentucky, USA when her father was in graduate school there. 
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Kluka Family as Mary-Fran's father is not doing very well. They are hoping to get him placed in the Chatham-Kent Hospice. 
This week was an optimal week to purchase 50/50 tickets as we only had 2 tables full of Rotarians. Kelley Robertson won, and gifted her winnings to Kate do Forno's daughter, Olive Drouillard. Olive won $10! 
Audrey's Rotary Minute
As a founding partner of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, we've reduced polio cases by 99.9% since our first project to vaccinate children in the Philippines in 1979. 
Polio Today
Today, polio remains endemic only in Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan. But it's crucial to continue working to keep other countries polio-free. If eradication efforts stopped today, within 10 years, polio could paralyze as many as 200,000 children each year. 
While there were only 33 cases of wild polio virus reported in 2018, the last mile of eradication has proven to be the most difficult. Barriers to eradication--like weak health systems, insecurity, and mobile and remote populations--must be overcome. As long as a single child has polio, all children are at risk, which underscores the need for continued funding and commitment to eradication. 
Ensuring success, Rotary will raise $50 million per year over the next three years, with every dollar to be matched with two additional dollars from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. These funds help to provide much-needed operational support, medical personnel, laboratory equipment, and educational materials for health workers and parents.
Youth Exchange News
President Kate do Forno presented outbound exchange student Sophia Brey with a Rotary Club of Chatham Sunrise banner to present to her exchange country's home club. Sophia is traveling to South Korea. 
August 30th 
Sheila Bateman
Save The Date! 
In partnership with our neighbours in District 6400, we will be hosting a Foundation & Membership Dinner in Plymouth, Michigan. Canadian Rotarian extraordinaire and Rotary Foundation trustee Jennifer Jones will be the guest speaker.
Tickets can be purchased here
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