Volume 21, Issue #23, June 16th, 2019 
Happy Dollars
Don Shropshire is going to be a grandpa with his daughter in Ottawa due in less than 56 days!
Ruth Howell's granddaughter received a grant to continue her studies on Mental Health at McGill University in Quebec. She also visited her firefighter grandson in Montreal and got to try on all his equipment. 
John Lawrence is happy that Betty Manso went to bat for him to receive his 2018 Ontario Senior of the Year Award. 
We hosted Phillip Mock, current C-K Prosperity Roundtable Project Coordinator. Here he is thanked by Sunrise Rotarian Kate do Forno, who previously held this position from 2014-2018. 
The purpose of the C-K Prosperity Roundtable is to promote and develop a healthy and vibrant community. It is their hope that there will no person in poverty in Chatham-Kent. 
There are 64 Prosperity Roundtables across Ontario. Locally, approximately 16,915 people live in poverty in C-K. 8,295 of those people reside in Chatham, and 2,375 in Wallaceburg. 1740 of those 16,915 people are children between 0 and 5 years old, with 2620 being between 55-64 and 2615 being 65+. As Phillip mentioned in his presentation, our focus shouldn't only be on youth in poverty, but also seniors. 
Approximately 27,600 people in Chatham-Kent, either have no high school education, or only hold a high school diploma. 62 people are chronically homeless. We currently have a 1.8% housing vacancy rate with 910 households on the public housing wait list. 
The key to solving poverty in our community is fostering the coordination of services such education, business and mental health. 
Thank you to Phillip for continuing to make us aware of issues in our community. 
On Tuesday, June 11th, Rotarians Betty Manso, Ken Bechard, Ruth Howell, Doug & Linda Goldsmith, Sheila Bateman, and Danielle Hunter along with VIRS (Very Important Rotarian Spouses) Brandon Bezaire, and Lorna Lawrence attended our inaugural Greening Your Grounds workshop at the LTVCA offices. We heard from such experts as Sunrise Rotarian Mark Peacock, CEO of the LTVCA, Sunrise Rotarian John Lawrence, chair of our Clean Water for Living committee, as well as special guests: Sharilyn Johnston, Environment Coordinator (Aamjiwnaang First Nation near Sarnia), Genevieve Champagne Byskal, Landscape Intern (Municipality of C-K), and Larry Cornelis (formerly of Return the Landscape). 
We all came away with great ideas for our garden, as well as a native plant! We're super excited for maybe a potential field trip to Aamjiwnaang First Nation to their green house and Brandon is ready to jump into our backyard renovations, whenever it stops raining...
Fun fact: When you plant a native Oak, Cherry, Willow, Birch, or Poplar tree, you can support life for up to 500 different types of species! 
Fun fact#2: Kentucky Bluegrass is not from Kentucky, and is actually a European grass! 
Just A Reminder, if you're attending Sparky's Meet the District Governor Night this coming Friday night. Parking and shuttle service is available from the Comfort Inn on Richmond Street. Shuttles will be running from 4-11pm. Doors open at the Capitol Theatre at 4:30pm. 
Batter up Rotarians, as Sparky takes us out to the ball game. Join our American Rotarian family to the southwest as our beloved Jays take on the Tigers. Contact Sunrise Rotarian Doug Goldsmith for your seat on the bus if you wish to travel with other Rotarians across the border. Purchase your game ticket here
Under the B, BINGO!! Ahh yes, it's new bingo schedule time again. Please e-mail Doug Goldsmith if you're interested in signing up for any of the time slots.  
Thursday, July 25th  6-8pm   **1 spot left**
Wednesday, August 21st 1:45-3:45pm
**2 spots left**
Thursday, September 5th      4-6pm
**1 spot left**
Wednesday, September 18th 6-8pm
**2 spots left**
John Lawrence in The Rotarian!
Our very own John Lawrence got his letter published in the most recent July edition of The Rotarian. 
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