Volume 21, Issue #11, March 24th, 2019 
A Classification Talk: Jennifer Jacobson
You don't realize how small the Rotary world is until you realize you've met someone in another lifetime. In my first year as a executive with Brock Niagara Rotaract in university, I had the opportunity to attend the 2013 Club Assembly for District 7090 in Niagara Falls, NY. This club assembly was memorable to me for more than few a reasons (I fondly remember having a light continental breakfast of pound cake), but it is also where I heard Jennifer Jacobson speak for the first time about her experiences as a Rotary Peace Fellow. 
Through my brief experiences with the E-Club of SOWNY (Southern Ontario Western New York), our club got to interview candidates from around the world vying to be selected as international Peace Fellows. If you're interested to see what the eligibility for these candidates is, you can visit the eligibility quiz here
It is my pleasure this week, to introduce our own graduate of the Rotary Peace Fellowship program, Jennifer Jacobson. 
Jennifer's first introduction into Rotary was through the Group Study Exchange program. She was an alternate for the Australia team and then was selected to travel to Japan in 2009. 
Jennifer says it's hard to pick out one single favourite moment out of all of her Rotary experiences, since they've all been amazing. In her words. "I think my GSE experience in Japan really hooked me to Rotary; we were treated like rock stars and it was my first experience staying with host families...the first family I stayed with was only two nights and when it was time to leave I couldn't believe how emotional I was. For complete strangers to open their home and be so kind and we really connected despite the language barrier. After that, I think I cried every time I had to leave a host family". 
Jennifer is originally from Mount Pleasant near Brantford, and ended up in Chatham-Kent for a relationship that didn't work out. Her parents were both paramedics, so she was always raised around emergency services and knew that she wanted to be police officer since she was 2 or 3 years old old. 
Jennifer was drawn to her job by the excitement and wanting to help, in addition she appreciates the variety her job brings. Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys board games including her favourite, Backgammon, in addition to Scrabble & Trivia! She additionally enjoys hiking and exploring, including traveling and exploring new environments. As a nature lover, she gets super excited seeing and learning about trees and plants we don't have here. 
Jennifer is also a cat person, and finds herself without a cat for the first time. Her cat Snoop passed away suddenly last July and is missed greatly. 
I look forward to getting to know Jennifer on Tuesday morning!
Thanks to the diligent work of our Rotarians such as John Lawrence, and Blake Vince, we are proud to be the owners of the trademarked Clean Water for Living project. Being surrounded by the Great Lakes, we need to be thankful for the fresh water they provide and be mindful of our impacts on them. As of recent, the City of Toledo, Ohio declared Lake Erie to have the same rights as a person. 
We are often reminded that just across the border, drinking a simple glass of water is much more complicated than just turning on the tap as the residents of Flint, Michigan still fight for clean water daily. We all remember in 2000, as we watched the residents of Walkerton, Ontario fall ill with e-coli bacteria. 
Providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene is one of the six areas of focus for Rotary. According to the Rotary Foundation, $24 is all it takes to provide one person with safe water. 780 million people around the world currently don't have access to clean water. And it's sad to think, that's even within our own country as some native Canadian communities are under almost permanent boil water advisories. According to a BBC article posted in August 2018, citizens such as Karen Dunstan of Lytton First Nation in British Columbia have spent the last 20 years boiling a pot of water to start their morning, instead of turning on the coffee pot. Even in Ontario, they are over 50 boil water advisories-the majority being in First Nations, according to Anishinabek Nation Grand Council chief Glen Hare (article for context here). 
John Lawrence is also encouraging all new Rotarians (within the 5 years) to participate in the Watermark Project which can be found here.  
This week are proud to celebrate our 21st anniversary as a Rotary club! 
As Roger McRae acknowledged, himself, along with Walter Ploegman, & Blake Vince were some of the original charter members attending that first meeting. Below I have included our 10th anniversary Sunriser from March 28th, 2008 and a Sunriser from July 6th, 1999.
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Jennifer Jacobson 
Detective Constable 
Child Abuse Unit
Chatham-Kent Police Service
2012 Rotary Peace Fellow
The final two weeks are upon us! Margaret Campbell let me know that as of last night (Saturday) we are only 35% sold out! Our current tally sits at 380 dozen sold (87 red, 293 sunrise).
Please remember to share on social media and get your friends to share as well. 
I heard our commercial on Blackburn Radio before last week's meeting and I've saw a few billboards on both St. Clair & Grand Avenue West. 
Roses for Rotary Order Forms!
RYLA Rotarian Camper Application
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Register for the District Assembly before April 3rd, 2019 online!
Kate Do Forno is excited to announce after a wonderful weekend at Great Lakes Rotary PETS, that there will be more collaboration and social opportunities between the clubs in our sector! Please save the date on July 27th, 2019 as we will be meeting at the home of Jennifer White, President Elect of the Tilbury Rotary Club. 
Some people spend their entire life searching for a pot of gold, and we have two, in Doug & Linda Goldsmith. Doug is appealing from sunny, er-well was rainy South Florida for volunteers for the next three months of bingo!
As Doug's last e-mail update (Wed, March 20th), the following dates were available: 
  • Saturday, April 20th 1:45-3:45pm (1 person needed)
  • Monday, May 13th 10pm-Midnight
  • Sunday, May 26th 11:45am-1:45pm
  •    Monday, June 3rd        4-6pm
  • Saturday, June 15th 11:45am-1:45pm
  •      Friday, June 28th          10pm-Midnight 
Our own Ron Coristine, Executive Director of Community Living C-K will proudly accept the Corporate Citizen of the Year award for his organization on April 11th, 2019 at the 131st Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce Awards for Business Excellence. Congratulations Ron! 
RYLA is accepting applications for Volunteer Rotarian Campers to act as Chaperones. Please contact Paul Toepp to apply at ptoepp@cbwm.com with your application form. The application form is located with the Roses for Rotary order forms above. 
2019 marks the 30th anniversary of Women in Rotary. 
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