Volume 21, Issue #9, March 10th, 2019 
Mary Lou Crowley - Foundation of
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance
In the fall of 2017 were lucky enough to receive a great gift to our healthcare system in the form of Mary Lou Crowley. 
Mary Lou lead the first ever capital campaign for mental health in Nova Scotia, where she was President and CEO of the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia. Other accolades include spending time locally with the Children's Health Foundation in London, along with time at London Health Sciences Centre and the United Way of Elgin Middlesex. 
Last spring, Mary Lou oversaw a $100,000 donation from TekSavvy, in support of the $6.9 million Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Renewal Campaign. 
After a little googling and LinkedIn research, I notice you've done a lot of amazing work for many non-profit organizations. Out of all of your career experiences, what is your most memorable moment? 
I have been privileged to work in amazing organizations. My career started at Hotel Dieu Hospital in Kingston, where I spent almost 15 years managing the fundraising portfolio. I then went on to London and worked at Children's and London Health Sciences Foundation. My husband, a Maritimer, and I then went to Halifax for four years where I held President and CEO of the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia. After that, we returned in 2011 and I spent several years at the United Way. In 2017, I was recruited to my current role as President and CEO of the Foundation of CKHA. 
All told, I have spent nearly 30 years in fundraising and I can tell you unequivocally that I have memorable moments every single day when I see the impact, first hand, that our community makes on our hospitals when they make donations, large or small. It is truly inspiring to see the emotion and passion that donors experience when making a gift. That is, as they say, priceless. That is why I come to work every day.
What do you enjoy about living in Chatham? What's your favourite hidden gem anywhere in C-K?
When I accepted the position here in Chatham, I truly felt like I was returning to my roots. I grew up near Peterborough, on a farm, with 6 siblings. As I drive across the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, I am reminded every day of my childhood. For me, it was like coming home. The people of Chatham-Kent have welcomed me with open arms and I am truly thrilled to be part of the community and to be helping to make a difference in healthcare. In terms of hidden gems, Chatham-Kent itself is an amazing community and a bit of a hidden gem in itself! Wonderful people, great restaurants and shops, the scenic rivers and lakes, and of course, an amazing hospital in CKHA!
What are some of the main services/projects that the Foundation of CKHA is fundraising for?
Outside of fundraising for the Oncology program through Roses for Rotary, we have just completed our Charity Curling Classic event in Wallaceburg, which raised money for a new transport defibrillator for Chatham-Kent Health Alliance. Recently, other initiatives have also raised money for Holter monitors and other pieces of equipment related to heart health. Our upcoming events in 2019 will be very much focused on men’s health in our community, specifically directing funds towards an expanded Urology program at CKHA.
What kind of benefits will our Roses for Rotary donation provide to the Oncology Department? Is there a type of cancer that is more prevalent in C-K?
At the Foundation, we are always raising money for much-needed capital equipment for our hospital. In our Oncology Department in Chatham, this can include anything from new beds, IV pumps and chairs, visitor chairs, blanket warmers and much more.
According to Cancer Care Ontario (2018) the mortality rates for lung cancer in Chatham-Kent among males and females, as well as colorectal cancer among females, are each above the average rates for Ontario as a whole. Of course many other types of cancers are treated by our Oncology Department as well, which is why it’s so important to raise money for this vital department!
What makes the CKHA health system unique compared to larger health systems such as LHSC in London?
In Chatham-Kent, though we are a rural community we are lucky enough to have a 200+ bed community hospital, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and technologies. CKHA is committed to core service excellence, top-flight operational performance and to becoming a facility of choice in Southwestern Ontario. With sites in Chatham and Wallaceburg, CKHA is designated a schedule one facility under the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and cares for tens of thousands of inpatients, outpatients and emergency patients annually. In many ways we are similar to larger systems such as LHSC in that we can provide much of the care that patients need without them needing to travel too far away for  treatment. In addition, CKHA is linked with other care centres in Windsor, London and beyond, which provide care as needed.
Are the Oncology & Chemotherapy departments solely located in Chatham?
The oncology department (or chemotherapy unit) is located solely in Chatham. CKHA also participates in an Oncology referral program for Windsor Regional Hospital Cancer Centre and London Regional Cancer Centre.
March 11th, 2003
Mary Lou Crowley
President & CEO
Foundation of Chatham-Kent Health Alliance
Be sure to re-direct people to our website (rotarysunrise.com) to order roses! Orders have started to come in and Margaret Campbell says if you hear a scream, she'll be buried in rose orders! 
Half dozen rose orders will not be accepted, and if they are, the cost remains $25 according to John Schinkel. 
Roses for Rotary Order Forms!
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RYLA is accepting applications for Volunteer Rotarian Campers to act as Chaperones. Please contact Paul Toepp to apply at ptoepp@cbwm.com with your application form. The application form is located with the Roses for Rotary order forms above. 
As I was talking with Kate Do Forno & Mark Peacock, the other week, it's so unique to hear about each other's European heritage. Every time my Belgian cousins come to visit, even a three hour drive seems unfathomable to them. It is this sentiment that Nikola Blaszowska of Poland shared with us. Recently she traveled to Belleville and noted that that distance would equal the distance between North & South Poland. On the flip side, she reminisces about bicycling to Slovakia with exchange students her family hosted, which made me pull out a European map after I got home from the meeting. 
In terms of geography, our exchange student Nikola's hometown of Tychy is about 20 minutes away Auschwitz. 
Nikola currently attends school at école secondaire de Pain Court and she originally wished to do her exchange in Quebec. She acknowledged that Poland is compromised of a single Rotary district, with 56 students currently out for exchange. Her family has hosted many past Rotary exchange students as her father is a past Rotary club president. 
Nikola reiterated to us how different teenagers are here compared to Poland, as often the first thing we ask as a child, is "what sport do you play?". Between hockey, football, and after school jobs, Canadian students are quite busy, whereas Nikola mentions that she would often be taking additional studies in Polish, Math or French after school. 
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2019 marks the 30th anniversary of Women in Rotary. 
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