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Alyssa Broeders, Lower Thames Valley Conservation Feb 07, 2023
A recap of 2022 & What's in the works for 2023

Welcome back, Alyssa! It will be great to hear whats happening this year.

Wetland & Urban Stewardship Technician

Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority/Ducks Unlimited Canada

Breakfast with friends Feb 14, 2023
Club Business

Chance (& Rotary) made us colleagues but the fun & laughter we share makes us friends!

no meeting today Feb 21, 2023
Its the Tuesday after Family Day
A new Life for Lake Erie Feb 28, 2023
The Metamorphoses Series with Blake Vince

The Metamorphoses Series produced by Langengrad Film Production, based in Cologne, includes a segment on New Life for Lake Erie written and directed by Daniel Muenter. Within this film is a chapter on nutrients which includes Daniels visit with Blake Vince at his farm and some other scenes from Chatham Kent.  Daniel has for our exclusive use put together an introduction for the film with the Blake interview and another piece that relates well. The production has been released in French and German in Europe but not in North America. Due to the pandemic two segments have been postponed and it will not be released worldwide before these are completed. The photography and graphics are certainly first class.

The interview with Blake came about because Daniel, a former Rotary student, saw an article featuring Blake which mentioned the Clean Water for Living Program and Daniel contacted me. We set up a visit for him in Chatham and he was intrigued enough to come back the following year with a small production team to shoot the video. We should all be proud of Blake and the role our club played in the making of this film.

Link to trailer: https://www.laengengrad-filmproduktion.de/portfolio/metamorphoses-usa/?lang=en

Roses for Rotary Mar 07, 2023
2023 Launch -- we will go live!
2023 Launch -- we will go live!

There's only 750 being ordered.  Get your orders placed soon!

Tania Sharp Mar 21, 2023
Whats new at CKPL?
Whats new at CKPL?

A visit with CEO & Chief Librarian of the Chatham Kent Public Library! 

There will be a special Presentation 

Donated by the Rotary Club of Chatham Sunrise

In honour of 25 years of “Service above Self” to the Chatham-Kent Community.



Kae Elgie Mar 28, 2023
How to write a book

Kae Elgie, family to our ADG Ken Corlett will be visiting today. She is an author, most recently of "This Land: the story of two hundred acres in Kent County".  She will talk about her book as well as just how does one write a book.  So if you have ambitions to be an author, this visit is for you!

Roses for Rotary! Apr 05, 2023
there will be no meeting on Tuesday the 4th!
no meeting today Apr 11, 2023
Its the Tuesday after Easter weekend
Randall Van Wagner Apr 18, 2023
Tree Canada
Tree Canada

Our friend Randall will be in for a return visit -- representing his new employer - Tree Canada!  He'll be talking about his new role, & what Tree Canada is all about.  All in time for Earth Day on Saturday April 22.

25th Anniversary Celebration Apr 25, 2023
details TBA
details TBA
Michael Duben May 02, 2023
His Rotary Story & the Passport Club
His Rotary Story & the Passport Club

We've welcomed Michael for a few visits now.  Hes going to share his Rotary story & also talk about his current Passprt Club.   Welcome, Michael!

BBQ at Blakes home Jun 20, 2023
Year End for Ken!
new President Glenn! Jun 27, 2023
Create Hope in the World
Create Hope in the World

"President Glenn" has a nice ring to it!