Speaker Date Topic
we're so full of turkey! Oct 15, 2019
No Meeting today but we'll be at BPS on Thursday for a Sunrise Social!
Denise Spadotto Oct 22, 2019
RACHAEL trip followup

Denise was part of the team that recently visited Guatamala, presented to us in the summer by Peter Tanner.  We look forward to hearing all about the visit.

Marisa Gatfield Oct 29, 2019
Canadian Blood Services
Canadian Blood Services

Marisa Gatfield

Territory Manager

Donor Relations

T  519-945-7486 x4918  |  C  519-280-1538




Together, we are Canada’s lifeline.

Mark Peacock Nov 05, 2019

We wonder what our member, GM Mark Peacock does all day!

The history of the our local LTVCA & what projects that they have on the go.


no meeting at Smitty's Nov 12, 2019
Plan to go to Saturday's Water Symposium
Tania Sharp Nov 19, 2019
CKPL has had a good year!
CKPL has had a good year!

Always fun to have Tania visit!